Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!!!

    2. Let's Start with Human Training

    3. How to use this course

    4. How this approach works

    5. Connection Basics

    6. GUIDE: 10 Steps to Connection

    7. Advanced Relationship Dynamics

    8. GUIDE: Advanced Relationship Dynamics

    9. Is it working???

    10. Dealing with the other humans...who don't get it.

    11. Need extra help?

    12. That's a wrap for the basics!

    1. Your Relationship with your dog will never be the same. (And that's a good thing!)

    2. Your Relationship: Behavioral Cement

    3. Your (Relationship) Bank Account

    4. Building Trust

    5. The Reality of the Modern Dog

    6. Burning Questions: Answered!

    7. When and how should you punish your dog?

    8. Do you have a STUBBORN dog?

    9. Does your dog have silly fears?

    10. Is your dog spoiled?

    11. Tips & Tricks

    12. GUIDE: The Cookie Jar Ritual

    13. Do you have your dogs back?

    14. The most powerful question you can ask your dog

    15. Respecting the Sanctity of Personal Space

    16. Getting Consent

    17. GUIDE: Getting Consent

    18. Space, Consent, & Internal Conflict

    19. Step up for your dog!

    20. TALK to your dog!

    21. Treat your dog like your friend.

    22. A Two Way Street

    23. How to Get Your Way

    24. The Wall of "No"

    25. GUIDE: Advanced "No" Strategies

    26. Structure through Patterns

    27. Reverse-engineering to change behavior

    28. Connection Engineers

    29. Best Friends Forever

    1. Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You...

    2. What is a DOG, anyway?

    3. Who is YOUR dog?

    4. Personality Factors for Dogs

    5. Dog Development 101

    6. What's breed got to do with it?

    7. Under the Hood: Breed and Genetics

    8. Health & Behavior

    9. Respecting the Individual in the Relationship

    10. Questions that Show I-CARE

    11. Anxiety impacts personality

    12. Let Your Dog Be A Dog

    13. What is Enrichment?

    14. GUIDE: Enrichment

    15. Distractions as a Gateway to Connection

    16. Turning Distractions into Focus

    17. The Important of Sniffing

    18. The Dog's Truth

    19. Uniquely YOURS

    20. Knowing you inside and out

    1. Understanding Emotion

    2. Real Compassionate Leadership

    3. Fueling the Emotional Fires

    4. What creates emotional fuel?

    5. What is arousal?

    6. What does a happy dog look like?

    7. What is your dog's "threshold"?

    8. WHEN does your dog learn?

    9. The straw that broke the camel's back...

    10. Pathways in the Brain

    11. Recognizing your dog's emotions

    12. Video Guide: Recognizing your dog's emotions

    13. The Truth about Growling

    14. Understanding Recovery

    15. Shake it off!

    16. You snooze, you WIN.

    17. Taking a Vacation, Doggie Style

    18. Guide: Gift Your Dog a Zen Den

    19. Give Your Dog a Brain Break

    20. Emotional Fluidity

    21. Emotional Firefighters, At Your Service

    22. Building Resilience

    1. Let's hit pause and review some basics.

    2. Using treats to train?

    3. Picking Training Treats

    4. Phasing out the treats

    5. Treats: Common Concerns

    6. Rules and Patterns

    7. Changing Behavior 101

    8. Muzzle Training

    9. Muzzle Training Guide - (for as needed)

    1. STOP! Pay attention to this module!

    2. How to move through the rest of the program

    3. What to Expect Going Forward

    4. How long is this going to take?

    5. Measuring Progress

    6. Progress Markers

    7. Understanding Backslides

    8. What to do if it stops working?

    9. Dealing with Setbacks

    10. Need a progress check?

    11. The moment has come!

About this course

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  • 8-10 hours to complete
  • Results that last a lifetime!

Beyond training... lies connection.